Armed Forces Compensation Trusts
Squaddie Claim has extensive experience in pursuing personal injury claims on behalf of the Armed Forces. As well as securing you maximum compensation, we are now able to safeguard your finances for life through the launch of our Armed Forces Compensation Trust.

What is an Armed Forces Compensation Trust?
An Armed Forces Compensation Trust ring fences your award of compensation, ensuring your entitlement to means tested state benefits and support is not affected. Means tested state benefits include Employment & Support allowance, Family Income Benefit, Housing Benefit and local authority funded care either at home or in a residential care home.

Who needs an Armed Forces Compensation Trust?
If you have, or are expecting to receive, an award of compensation, consideration should be given to setting up an Armed Forces Compensation Trust.

Why do I need an Armed Forces Compensation Trust?
Without an Armed Forces Compensation Trust, you could be worse off when you receive your compensation. There are strict time limits controlling the amount of capital or income you can receive and still receive your means tested benefits. For example, without a trust, if your savings, including compensation, are over £6,000 some benefits will be reduced and even stopped completely if you have over £16,000.

By paying your compensation into an Armed Forces Compensation Trust, you are protecting your entitlement to those benefits and support even if your compensation is over the above limits.

It does not matter if you are not currently receiving such benefits and support; your circumstances may change in the future, by which time it may be too late to set up a trust.

When should I set up a trust?
As soon as you know you are entitled to an award, even if it is an interim award you need to consider a trust. The Government has said that they will only take into account, in assessing your total capital, what remains of your personal injury compensation 52 weeks after the date the lump sum payment/first instalment is paid to you.


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