Military Accidents & Armed Forces Compensation FAQs
We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below. However, the specialist team at Squaddie Claim is always happy to hear from you if your question is not answered below or you require any further information on your claim.

How long do I have after my accident to bring a claim for personal injury compensation?
Time limits apply to all claims for personal injury compensation so it is important to take advice without delay. If you have suffered injury from an accident within the last 3 years, you may be able to bring a claim for compensation, but it is important to seek specialist advice on whether you are able to claim outside of three years.

If you have suffered an accident abroad the time limits vary from country to country and you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

The time limit is different if you were a child at the time of the accident, or have suffered an industrial disease. If you are interested in bringing a CICA/CIC(O) application the time limit for doing so is only 2 years. The time limit for submitting an Armed Forces Compensation Scheme application is 7 years.

What types of accidents can I bring a claim for compensation for?
Squaddie Claims has expertise in bringing claims against the Ministry of Defence for a wide range of injuries and accidents. We can assist you with:

• Adventurous Training Accidents
• Armed Forces Compensation Scheme applications
• Armed Forces Compensation Trusts
• Bullying and Harassment
• Chemical Accidents
• Exposure to Asbestos
• Fatal Accidents and Inquests
• Hearing Loss
• Inadequate/Faulty Equipment
• Military Combat Accidents
• Military Criminal Injuries
• Military Training Accidents
• Parachute Accidents
• Non-Freezing Cold Injuries
• Road Traffic Accidents

Do I need to be serving in the Armed Forces? Do I need to have left the Armed Forces?
You do not need to still be serving in the Armed Forces to make a claim for compensation. Equally, you do not need to wait until you leave the Armed Forces to apply; you can apply during service.

Will I be disadvantaged in my military career if I bring a claim for compensation?
Baroness Taylor confirmed in the House of Lords that the military careers of the Armed Forces personnel should not suffer as a result of a claim through the Court or Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

How do I pay to bring a claim for personal injury compensation?
There are various options for funding a case with us. Squaddie Claim takes accident claims on a "no win no fee" agreement. We also arrange for insurance to back the agreements. We discuss all funding arrangements with you in detail at the outset of your claim.

Why should you choose Squaddie Claim?
The specialist military team at Squaddie Claim has over 25+ years experience dealing with personal injury claims on behalf of Armed Forces service personnel. Our expertise in military injuries, the military covenant, military life, the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and Armed Forces Compensation Trusts equips us with the ability to tirelessly pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

We deal with all claims in a sensitive, professional manner and work with our clients to meet their individual needs and circumstances through the service we provide and the compensation we pursue for you. This includes considering whether you can make an Armed Forces Compensation Scheme claim, CICA/CIC(O) application or require an Armed Forces Compensation Trust to protect welfare benefits you are entitled to.


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